About me

Hi! I am a graphic designer. I was born in Madrid, Spain. Spent hours drawing in school. Decided a graphic design education would probably be my best shot. Had my life mapped out for me, but thought some traveling would be nice. Went from California to London to final stop (for now) The Hague. Here I am.

Design is in my head, illustration in my heart. Love doing both. I can get so excited about a project I forget to sleep and eat for a couple of days. Good TV series, tattoos, Oreo milkshakes and kick-ass basketball games also get me going.

Why bodymoving

Bodymoving was born in 1998 as a brand project for the university, representing the ever-changing world of design and my work as an animator.

The concept and philosophy behind bodymoving are the evolution of design and art, moving forward and thinking outside the box. Not settling with one way of doing things but innovating and creating.



Keep creating, keep moving






I have extensive knowledge of and over ten years of experience with most of the Adobe programs and other software platforms. In addition, I have a good understanding of HTML, CSS and Actionscript and I am familiar with SEO and Web Accessibility.

Illustration is my added value. I can draw on-screen as well as on-paper and I have done a number of character animations and infographics for presentations, videogames and websites.

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